What's the flow of this game supposed to be? With the grids.

I get it if you, and the opponent, have their own paper (gasp!), or separate screen.

But if you're using a PC with just one desktop screen, then what?

Once peek at your grid showing your ships position, and game OVER!

actually u are supposed to compile a program where tour pc says you where u will hit and then the other player has to give these information to his program and vice versa....so we will use 2 pcs one for each team side to side...the player is not supposed to enters where he will hit....

.the player is not supposed to enters where he will hit...


the program should use random to say where it will hit...

That's what I though! But then you posted about two players with two connected PC's playing the game, I did a **TILT**. ;)

So there is going to be *one* player playing against the computer, RIGHT?

And that one player is going to enter his choice of where to attack on the battle grid, via the keyboard, correct?

my goodness, 5 days and 35 posts later, you could have had this program written, fully validated and distributed by now.

I have run out of patience with this thread.

exactly adak u found it.....so any help/?with random pairs to happen only once and also any ideas for strategy to use except random maybe/?