Hello Guys,
I have a question that is driving me a bit crazy! :s

My C# program that that I am doing connects to a remotely accessed MySQL server on my webhosting company. And it can insert, update, select, delete... You name it.

The problem that I am facing is I want the MySQL DB to send a notification to my C# program whenever a new entry has been added from another computer. Ofcourse I can double check like every 10 seconds whenever the foreign_key has been increased or not, but if I talk about a large scale then this solution is terrible...

What should I do then??

Thank you!

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The only thing close is to use Triggers. Triggers are fired on an event you specify. The only problem is they can't connect back to your code.

The only possible combination is to use triggers with a messaging server using plugins that can be found in the UDF Sources. This way the trigger can notify the messaging server and the server can notify your application.

Unless someone has already written one for C#...But I couldn't see one.

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