I've recently been trying to download jGrasp on my home computer because this is the program I am using at school to start to learn Java.

I keep receiving the same error message when I try to compile a simple "hello world" program.
"----jGRASP wedge2 error: command "javac" not found." and it refers me to a website to download another program which i think is the actual compiler. It says, " ---- Make sure you have the full JDK (J2SE SDK or other), not just the JRE, installed.
---- The J2SE SDK is available from java.sun.com."

I have gone to this website and have downloaded what I think is the right thing. After I install it, there is no change to the error message in jGRASP. Can anybody help me get this up and running?

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Have you set the environment variables? You have to state where the javac command is. Also if you open the command prompt and type java it should print the java version you are using.

Sorry for this new reply, I was checking something. About this environment variables, go:
Right click on My Computer
Advance Tab
System(Environment) Variables
I have this: ;C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_12\bin; in my system. You should probably put the path where you have installed your own version of java. If it doesn't work try to added int the Path variable as. I really don't remember where it should be put. I only did it once when I installed and I don't have my book with me. But If you had a decent Java book it should explain how to set these variables

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