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Hi everyone! ^_^

I'm learning Python with "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - Learning with Python 2nd Edition (Using Python 2.x)".

I'm trying to use GASP & Pygame to do the practice excercises, but once the program runs, the window just keeps freezing, and I get an error message.

My version of Python is 2.6.4
My version of Pygame is 1.9.1
My version of GASP is python-gasp-0.2.0beta1.win32.exe
I used those because that's what the download website recommended as the most stable for Windows. (Windows 7)

Here's the code that I'm using:

from gasp import *


Circle((200, 200), 60)
Line((100, 400), (580, 200))
Box((400, 350), 120, 100)


That's all copy-pasted directly from the website.
In this case, the update_when('key_pressed') does not end the program. The pygame box just sits there, and won't exit even by clicking the button. The only way I could end the program was by the Task Manager.

I've searched the web for a solution, but what the common consensus seems to be is that "Unfortunately, the newer version will not work on Windows. Looks like the gasp project has gone/fizzled the way of many other Python projects."

So my questions are:
1) What other code can I use to shut down the gasp window? (It's really irritating to have to shut it down w/ the Task Manager each time.)

2) If there's really no other way, which older version can I use that will work with Windows? (I really, really, really wanna learn Python!!!)

Thanks in advance!!

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