Are you an excited and motivated back-end or front-end developer making your first steps, but you can’t find an opportunity to gather experience hone your skills or try out new, innovative technologies and tools? Do you want your code to make a difference and help millions of people around the world to interact better with ecommerce? Then join our project and start coding along with the most delightful and visionary tech startup!

Who we are:

We are a team of university students who see a problem in people’s online purchases process and want to provide a solution. Our vision is to change the way customers interact with ecommerce and make online choices much easier and trustworthy.

The way we’re doing that is through a platform that uses our unique, innovative algorithm to transform users’ needs to meaningful and helpful outcome. The users don’t need to have any specific knowledge about the product’s mechanics or tech specs; WE take care of that.

What you’ll be doing with us:

If you decide to join our awesome team, you will become part of a entrepreneurial fellowship where each and every one of us support and help one another. We’ll give you access to all the tools and technologies we’re using and help you on every step along the way.

Your main tasks will be vital to our product’s improvement. Here are some day-to-day examples:

  • Database refactoring
  • Data validation & enrichment
  • API creation and maintenance
  • Webpage design
What you won’t be doing with us:

You’ll definitely not be making any money any time soon. The position we’re offering is a chance to improve your skills and help build a platform that reshapes online purchases. None of us are neither spending nor making money so far. So if you’re just looking to sell your services this may not be the place for you.

With that being said, once monetization opportunities become available all the members of the team will take their part.

If you’re interested:

Leave us a message, or send an email at and we’ll get to know each other before we welcome you on the team. Looking forward to meeting all you amazing people out there!