hello hope you all are going well, so my vacation is comming and i was wondering whta if i did a big project or small project, how hard is it to make my own multivendor website like amazon,
i would like to do everything like the code in php, the database in mysql, without usinng platform like magento !
what is the steps to follow and do you have resources or link to any book or tutorial ?

thanks did that but you know just belief somemeone with better idea or with experience would gives a direct guide

I have had a lot of experience with folk that want to do this. There are and will continue to be folk that think they can find a plug in or template and have an instant Amazon like site.

If you ignore the prior discussions you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Why do you wanna create something like this from scratch and if so how you think you gonna do that in a vacation time? Unless your vacation spans months and months and months :)
Why not just use something like https://www.cs-cart.com/multivendor.html and build further ontop of that?

commented: Exactly. But they did lead with "i would like to do everything" or without building on prior works from what I read. +15

I have an extremely dated book called "Beginning ASP.NET E-Commerce in C#" by Cristian Darie and Karli Watson. Unfortunately the tech in the book is old. It's vanilla ASP.NET, instead of ASP.NET MVC. It does go over the fundamentals of this however. I am trying to transcribe it to something a little more modern like ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Jquery, etc. Bear in mind that I hated the book as I read it. But I would suggest finding a book which is similar, or something. I have got some code (i'm not sharing, sorry) which essentially has some repositories which toggle between promotional entities, department, and category. I also had to incorporate a full text search feature using NHibernate Lucene/Nhibernate Search. I am using an object relational mapping software NHibernate, but Entity framework is also acceptable for your application. I have a developers edition of sql server developer edition, which is my database, but I could also just as easily use Oracle XE which is free. I am using VMWare Player which is extremely helpful for hosting my sql server instance. I am also creating my own forms based authentication scheme using Nhibernate and some crypto I learned from another book "C# data security". Hashes and salting is awesome. Whatever you do don't settle for plain old ado.net, you need object relational mapping to make an acceptable site that you don't want to chuck in the garbage. I may also add some fluency in regaurd to multiple database support. For the time being I have already read the crappy book, now I can go through it again slowly, and transcribe to something a little bit more modern, not for the feignt of heart. One of the things I learned is in order to make the optimal repository one needs to put the session factory in a singleton which handles the initialization of the session factory, otherwise you get a connection per repository problem, even if it's static and in only the top abstract repository. Static variables in C# are set up so that each class hirerarchy gets it's own static variable. You aslo have to know how to use those mapping.xml files for nhibernate if you decide to use that mapper.

No i'm not really thinking about to use a plug in and have everything done, i have knowledge of PHP mysql c/c++ and html css, i guess i would need just php html css and JavaScript even if it takes years i have faith but i dont have a path to follow

Creating your own will probably take years. By then, the face of online sales will have moved on. There will be new players in town and transaction methods may change. Leaving your shiny new product looking decidedly last decade. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using third party programs. If this is an ego thing, then you are going to be disappointed. If it is a hobby thing and you just want to learn as you go along but knowing that the final product will probably not be used nor be a huge commercial success, then go for it.

to be real i'm thinking of something realistic with new transaction methods that i have in head, so do you thing magento/boostrap is good idea ??

Bootstrap is always a good idea. It makes your pages portable device friendly with very little effort. Some people use it in lieu of learning the portable device application technologies like IOS objective C, and android Java. It can be used to make an 'app' which can be viewed everywhere. Your columns have 12 slots available. One thing that I found a really good solution to is toggleing between promotional items, department items, and search items. I essentially have some really interesting method overloading, which handles my pagination, and searches/retrieves via the department and category ids and the search string. If certain things are null my repository knows which overloaded method to call. It is very sophisticated. On the main page one may use the pagination variables, an object as the model. That would be the main page. Retrieves product objects.

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