This review covers the [URL=""]Astak[/URL] 5" [URL=""]EZReader PocketPro eBook Reader[/URL] which sells for $199 US. Technical Specs: ePaper, E-Ink Technology, 5" screen, 800x600 resolution, 8 Grayscale colors, Dimensions: 6"x4.1"x0.4", Linux OS, 512MB RAM, Samsung ARM9 400MHz CPU, One USB 2.0, One SD Card slot, Earphone jack, Weight 6oz, Li-Polymer battery. The Astak EZReader eBook Reader was the darling of the Consumer Electronics Show this year and it's no wonder--this little device does it all: Displays eBooks, plays music and reads your eBooks aloud in case you don't want to read them for yourself. I was excited to receive the Astak …

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