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An early Xmas present to myself arrived at Chez Moi last month in the shape of a rather thick credit card. It's not actually a credit card though, and while it's a chunky 6mm wide it is pretty smart truth be told. That's because it's a clinically validated cardiac diagnostic device, a heart monitor to you and me, called a WIWE. Once I got myself over the fact that I cannot stop pronouncing it as a wee wee, I quickly found the WIWE does a whole lot more than your Fitbit or smartwatch can do in terms of monitoring your …

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My boyfriend got me an Oculus Quest as an early birthday gift, and while I love it, he loves it wayyyyy more. Does anyone have any game recommendations? Unfortunately, the Oculus Quest does not share a marketplace with the Oculus Rift, and since the Quest has only been out since the summer, there isn't nearly as big of a directory yet compared to the Rift which has been growing its marketplace for years.

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![liberty-air.jpg](/attachments/large/0/326b00e1c51b296338c89aa49bca54c8.jpg) Six months ago [I was reviewing]( my experience with another Anker 'Soundcore' earbud product, the Liberty Lites. I liked these, and they quickly became my everyday audio companion while out on my long walks in the Yorkshire countryside. I did, however, have some issues with the volume never being quite loud enough and ultimately the three hour playtime ended up being just not enough for long train travel or flights. So, I started looking at the alternatives. Naturally I started looking at the likes of the Apple AirPods (once I had discovered you can use them with Android phones) …

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