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**Physicist and former NASA-engineer Anthony Scondary shares his vision of an AGI-powered future that enables a better quality of life for all people.** ![agi-talks-as.jpg](https://static.daniweb.com/attachments/4/7db39c590186c17e12db71989a532436.jpg) ## About Anthony Scodary ## ![anthony-scodary.jpg](https://static.daniweb.com/attachments/4/286422db7269c59ed283dd889db7280a.jpg) Anthony Scodary is the co-founder of [Gridspace](https://www.gridspace.com/), a speech and language AI company pioneering advanced voice bots for call centers. …

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**AI will automize many routine tasks in accounting and the role of financial controllers and analysts will change, but not be replaced – say Manoj Kumar Vandanapu and Sandeep Kumar.** ![agi-talks-02.jpg](https://static.daniweb.com/attachments/4/b1fce5f78b7456fea7043a6d095ca2f0.jpg) In the latest AGI Talks, two renowned finance experts share their insights by answering 10 questions about Artificial Intelligence …

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**Alexander De Ridder, AI visionary and CTO of SmythOS, discusses the transformative power of specialized AI systems and the future of human-AI collaboration.** ![header-agi-talks-adr.jpg](https://static.daniweb.com/attachments/4/cf1ab716c18354710010dabb4e9e2a9a.jpg) In the newest interview of our AGI Talks series, **Alexander De Ridder** shares his insights on the potential impacts of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) on business, …

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**Despite the uncertain timeline for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) becoming a reality, we need to assure responsible and ethical development today – says Jen Rosiere Reynolds.** ![header-agi-talks1.png](https://static.daniweb.com/attachments/4/5595ff2ec36fde155011d21ea73dcd78.png) As part of our new **AGI Talks**, experts from different backgrounds share unique insights by answering 10 questions about AI, AGI, and ASI. …


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