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i am able to populate data in chain select drop down list but the problem is when page is refreshing selected data is lost how to fix that .. here is the code.. <?php require_once 'include/config.php'; require_once 'include/opendb.php'; ?> <?php if(isset($_POST['model'])){ //This is for the third and final drop down …

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I wanted to chain 3 selects and I got it working using this code. http://jsfiddle.net/FJFFJ/1/ The issue I now have is, how do I fetch the selected values from each dropdown in PHP? For example, the above creates 3 select boxes when the page is opened. When I click on …

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Here is exercise in error handling, while looping and for looping with itertools.chain. It is also exercise of functions not letting user to go without giving proper input. I call them to myself 'jail functions'. Here you could add as an exercise breaking out of loop and continuing until user …

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Can someone help me with solving boolean expressions with the help of forward chaining. A good tutorial will also help me. Example: A.(A + B) = A A.(A + B) => A.A + A.B [Applying distributive law] A.A + A.B => A + A.B [Applying idempotency law] A + A.B …

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I wrote the following code: package com.chain; public interface Chain { void setNext(Chain chain); void process(int number); } package com.chain; public class ProcessNegative implements Chain{ private Chain chain; public void setNext(Chain chain){ this.chain = chain; } public void process(int number){ if(number < 0){ System.out.println("Negative"); }else{ chain.process(number); } } } package …

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hi All, I have question around Douglas Crockford "method" method. Function.prototype.method = function (name, func) { this.prototype[name] = func; return this; }; function azerizor(value) { this.value=value; } azerizor.method('toString', function () { return this.value; }); var me = new azerizor('salam').toString(); alert(me); this is it. But here arises question regarding **return this**? …

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Having issues creating table using chain hashing (linked nodes). The program compiles, but is crashing during execution. I admit I don't really know what I'm doing since I havent really used inked lists in forever. A lot of this code I do not expect to work right away, such as …

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Dear friends, hello to you all as this is my first thread - question to the forum. This is my problem, which is a school exersize: I create a linked list which contains three numbers r,c,d per node From this list I have to create a hash table htable[7] with …

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Hey everybody, So I though that I understood linked lists and arrays well enough to make a hash table with separate chaining. Theoretically, it seems trivial, but I am getting a runtime error. The error appears to arise from the line head = heads[i], where head is a node pointer …

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