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Hi guys, im working on a bit of code which for 2 days is sending me around in circles :/ what i want to do is split an array into variables, so i can dynamically create a text box. i'm trying various methods but think im chasing my tail now. …

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I've been lately doing some "research" about Linux. I just plainly sought what can be possibly done with `sudo su`. I came across `apt-get` function. Apparentely this is way Linux works, along with sum' file extension, that, I forgot (.deb?). But thats besides the point. Then I related `apt-get remove` …

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When working whith large data files, it may be desirable to output a sequence of bytes by large chunks. This snippet defines a file adapter class to handle this transparently. Writing bytes to an ChunkedOutputFile will automatically write the underlying file object by fixed length chunks.

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Hello all, I found a thread similar, but it was closed... so here is the code and my question... I am wondering how to change the code from creating files to creating variables? this is the code from the thread on here.... and below it is the code that i …

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hello everyone..i'm trying to get a file in a server using a WebRequest..the server sends some headers saying "Transfer-Encoding :chunked"..what does this basically mean??? I'm using a BinaryReader to read the data..but after some few hundred bytes the transfer just stops..do i have to make a WebRequest again to get …

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