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I've got a Windows 11 laptop but I need to set it up as a dual boot for Windows 10. The only dual boot I've ever done was Linux/Windows, I've never done a dual boot windows/windows. Should I expect any issues? After installing the additional windows 10 will I still …

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Hi all, I have a dual-boot laptop with Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 8 32 bit. I think i don't need that windows 8 any more. I want to delete it from laptop and add that empty hard drive space to the drive where windows10 located. How can i …

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I installed windows 10 and it works good , then I installed kali-linux and that problem apears. when i open my computer it goes directly to windows not to dual boot (bootloader) to choose between the windows and kali .. I tried the live USB solution but nothing happen.. it …

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Hi guys, Vin here. I just like to ask if it is possible to dual boot two different operating system with different architecture(64 bit/32 bit)? My current os is windows 7 hp 64bit and I would like to dual boot it with windows xp 32 bit.... Here's my computer specs: …

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Hello, I just installed Ubuntu as a second OS on my system on a different drive than my Windows installation. But now, whenever I try and boot the windows installation, I get a blue screen saying that Windows couldn't load winload.exe. This error persists even when I unplug the hard …

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed, then installed most recent version of Debian on an unallocated 100GB partition on the primary drive (on a PC, not on a notebook). That all works without a problem. The problem is that I can not figure out how to change the boot menu …

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For an assignment in a computer programming class, we have to install 3 linux distributions on one machine from three different trees. I chose to install Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE. I already dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 7, but I'm not sure about the partitioning. I have 460GB of space in …

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I've got Open SUSE 11.4 and Ubuntu 10.10 now installed on the same machine now, but I need to edit the GRUB so I can boot into them. I can boot into OpenSUSE fine, but since it overwrote the Ubuntu bootloader, I can't seem to get it to boot into …

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Hello guys. I decided to update my Bios but it turned out that wasn't a good idea. Everything went well until the program itself restarted the Computer, then windows refused to boot :( I tried booting in safe mode but nothing. Right now am using Ubuntu 11.04 to access my …

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Time to enter the Wayback ([URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WABAC_machine"]WABAC[/URL]) Machine to an experience I had with a new Linux user and compare it to today's more tech savvy audience. The year was 1997 and I had settled in for the evening with my [URL="http://www.guinness.com/"]favorite beverage[/URL] and a bit of channel flipping, when I …

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I am adding a secondary hard drive to my dell tower. I am wanting to duel boot Windows XP and Slackware Linux. I currently have only Windows XP on my computer, but I am not sure what formating it has on it. My question is: what format should I use …

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hi. i have 500gb HDD, first i install window 7(64-bit) then after fedora14 on separate partition using Fedora-14-i686-Live-Desktop cd. so when my laptop is booting it shows a boot screen with two option, fedora OS(as default) and win7 as other.After 3 second, Fedora is automatically starting. I just want to …

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Ok... so I am running a Hp Pavillion 512c. I plan to get better ram for it so I can run what I want/need. The thing of the matter is it is all hand me downs. I will be getting a 40G HD and a 60G, one is nearly full …

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If you dual-boot Vista and Fedora or Ubuntu then Thunderbird email client can use a common email box for both operating systems. If you already have an email account set up on one of the operating systems, such as Vista, then open Thunderbird, select Tools --> Account Settings, then click …


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