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Hi, I am newbie.I have seen projects where there are menus or links below it which are accessible as per the profile set for the logged in users.If there are A,B,C,D menus in project then some group of user will have only A and B Menu when logged in..while other …

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Hello, I am a little stuck. I have grasped the concept of methods, understanding thier purpose but still unsure on how to code it. Below is part of my code I kindly need guidance on. I am trying to create a method which can hold roles and depending on which …

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Hi Everyone, i have created a role page in which i can create roles and whatever roles i have created is stored in database and a gridview. In that gridview an edit button column is there. When i am clicking the edit button another page known as permission page of …

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Hi All, I am trying to create a web page with drag and drop funtionality in ASP.Net. This dynamic page should meet following requirements. [LIST] [*]The Web forms should be designed at runtime by the website user using asp.net server controls like Labels, Text Box, Button, Drop down etc. [/LIST] …

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how to assign roles to users in Database ? mean i have admin, applicant ? so how could i differentiate bw them ? HELP !!!

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