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I am currently making out the plans for the milestones for the rest of this year in my long-term projects (Thelema, Assiah, and Alfheim). I was hoping that someone would be able to review these plans and help me determine which are feasible in the next four months. The overall goal, which I project to take at least until the end of next year, is to develop a rudimentary compiler and REPL for my language project, [Thelema]( I am currently focusing on the lower-level toolchain which will support the language, which will consist of an assembler, [Assiah](, and a library …

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I am currently working on a new language design in the Lisp family, which I am calling 'Thelema'. It is intended to be a multi-paradigm language which is related loosely to Scheme and, to a lesser extent, Common Lisp, but with modern concepts such as package management, support for object oriented design, and an extensive library system. The current design sketch can be found on its [Github repo](, where I am (slowly) working on codifying the design and eventually impementing it. Note that I am *not* soliciting collaborators (though I wouldn't turn one down out of hand, either). I am …


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