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Hi guys, I am experienced in PHP or at least until today I was thinking so. I am not sure what is it all about exactly. In my opinion the following code should not echo anything BUT IT DOES. [CODE] $cache = 'all'; if($cache == 0) { echo 'Execute something'; …

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Here's an easy one for you experts :P What is casting and parsing? How exactly are they different? After explaining, could anyone possibly tell me how to cast/parse the various types from and to each other? (the types being: int, double, char and String) Also, in which situations would I …

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I can't insert values into a table using a stored procedure because the fields are of data type MONEY. First, is the data type CURRENCY the same as data type MONEY? Right now, I am currently using the integer value of adCurrency for the data type parameter of the createparameter …

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Hi, I'm hoping someone out there has the answer to this question: How does one convert a table column's data type from INT to CHAR/VARCHAR? Background: I'm trialing some ID card software and it uses Access as its backend. It has ODBC capability and I'm able to connect to my …

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Can anyone tell me what data type I can use to store an numbers of this sort "087699" I want it to store the FIRST ZERO. If I use INT or double it removes the first zero

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How to convert the following date string in to the DateTime format in C# .Net "Sun Feb 28 00:00:00 GMT+0530 2010"

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