After a long break :)


Hello Daniweb, after such a long time. I had my semester exams ( I'm math major ). Was busy studying.

Recently I participated in a coding competiton, with 2 of my friends as team. The problems were good. One had DFS implementation. But there was a problem that required me to find all substring of a given string, add them and check it with an array element. We couldn't solve this problem. A team, coding in Java completed this problem within half n hour. Kudos to them. This was 1st round. Due to our approach, we got selected for the 2nd round. In this round, the question was to find equivalent resistance of a circuit. No team could complete it. So we all entered the tie breaker round. The question is to write the algorithm for a given problem. The problem is euler's toitient function. Given 'm', we are to find the number of 'n' such that phi(n) = m, where phi() is euler's toitient function. Thanks to my math major we were able to write the algo and got placed 2nd.


welcome back!


Hello, Abhishek.

Welcome back to the DaniWeb forums; hopefully; you can renew a more active participation.

Congratulations on your work in the coding competition.

Through your Profile, I went to visit your blog. Looks like you got started but weren't able to keep updating it. Maybe you will find more time now to make the occassional post. I have the same problem; my blog is taking on a mathematical focus, but I am finding it hard to post regularly.

Well, all the best in your endeavors.

See you around the forums.


Welcome back and congrats on winning silver :)


welcome back...

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