I have started learning to program by visiting Codecademy for Python and taking an intro to programming class using C. I am keeping up with both, and although I have only written simple programs, it still excites me to run the code and see it output the day I designed it.

My goal is to make games and eventually get a job in computer forensics, unless I turn out to have some talent for making games, or another oppurtinty arises (natch).

So, how long did any of you take to become decent, or to the point where you felt you had enough knowledge to start building useful programs that you could rely on everyday?

I would also appreciate any study habits that you felt were necessary to get to the point you are now, plus any tips.

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When I was younger I could learn several languages at a time, but now I'm finding it a little more of a challenge. I had some extensive surgery for a disease I am well and truly defeating, and various challenges keep me focused. So, that would be my first suggestion... no, not to get a disease, but have a goal to keep you focused.

I thought that because I couldn't decide between C++ and Python that I would learn them both. But I think the meds are slowing my thinking. Because I know that I have to drop one of those languages I'm in a divide by zero quandary as I like them both. So, my next suggestion is to be decisive. Have a definite routine for learning and remember that you are only human.

Finally, make sure you get good support, find a forum where you will learn a lot. So, my last piece of advice would be to visit these forums regularly.


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