Hello Daniweb, after such a long time. I had my semester exams ( I'm math major ). Was busy studying.

Recently I participated in a coding competiton, with 2 of my friends as team. The problems were good. One had DFS implementation. But there was a problem that required me to find all substring of a given string, add them and check it with an array element. We couldn't solve this problem. A team, coding in Java completed this problem within half n hour. Kudos to them. This was 1st round. Due to our approach, we got selected for the 2nd round. In this round, the question was to find equivalent resistance of a circuit. No team could complete it. So we all entered the tie breaker round. The question is to write the algorithm for a given problem. The problem is euler's toitient function. Given 'm', we are to find the number of 'n' such that phi(n) = m, where phi() is euler's toitient function. Thanks to my math major we were able to write the algo and got placed 2nd.

Hello, Abhishek.

Welcome back to the DaniWeb forums; hopefully; you can renew a more active participation.

Congratulations on your work in the coding competition.

Through your Profile, I went to visit your blog. Looks like you got started but weren't able to keep updating it. Maybe you will find more time now to make the occassional post. I have the same problem; my blog is taking on a mathematical focus, but I am finding it hard to post regularly.

Well, all the best in your endeavors.

See you around the forums.

Welcome back and congrats on winning silver :)