Hi everyone,
I just became a community sponsor and i was fiddling around with my account doing some changes to some things that i could do now and i realized that my post count has jumped from 524 to 604 without a single post from me!

I looked at recent posts and nothing is there. My post count after this post should be 525. Hopefully it will fix itself but if anyone can help out that would be wonderful.


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I think this might be a DB-issue. I posted something today and some random other post was posted (I didn't write what was posted), so I had to edit the post again to make it my original message.
Also Daniweb was incredibly slow for the last few hours...


Well my post count is back to normal now.. im still "Practically a master poster" but oh well. its not going to kill me.

Yeah for me daniweb didnt even load there for a couple of hours!


Yeah it says 531 now. i noticed earlier mine jumped by like 1000 too.

Seemed almost like it was counting posts that shouldnt be counted (e.g reported posts?)

It was SO slow earlier too.


My post count was increased by 200, solved thread was increased by 30 odd and rep power was increased by 1 ! I was wondering if it was a dream only to be dragged back to reality :D

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