Daniweb has an IRC channel, but how many people know that? How many people use it? Seven? Maybe eight? I think this is a sorely neglected corner of the community.

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I prefer the forums where I can leisurely browse to "live" chats, so that's why you'd rarely catch me there regardless of whether lots of people used it or not. But Narue is right, the majority of members probably have no idea that it exists.


I have connected to the IRC a few times, but no-one is ever on when I do :)

Makes sense. With the 8 or so people that use it, the chances that any one of them are on at the exact time someone enters the IRC is slim at best. And assuming someone waits around for 5 minutes hoping, there are only 287 5 minute slices in the day the others may show up -- a slim margin.

Not a clue how this can be rectified... A bulletin board where someone can post when they will be around might work -- assuming someone can plan that far ahead

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Well, when you're using the IRC, if you have it in a tab that isn't currently showing - is there some alert when someone else joins/posts?


I guess there is a bit of confusion here as to how the Daniweb IRC works.

The Daniweb IRC channel is meant to be a place to hang out and relax; we normally don't entertain technical queries though you are free to answer if someone asks them. The normal protocol is to direct members to the forums instead. In short, Daniweb IRC is not a forum replacement.

Also expecting someone to start chatting with you the moment you join the channel is kinda unfair. There are times when not a word is said for days. The best way IMO is to join the channel, try to start a conversation if you feel like it or just stay put and jump in if someone starts one. Currently, John, Toba, Squires & Rashakil are the regulars who hang out there with me, Narue and Dave dropping by sometimes. :-)

> is there some alert when someone else joins/posts?

Depends on the IRC client you are using, but yes, it's possible.

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Was just about to post asking if there was an irc channel :) seem's there is one now just have to find it.

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