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With the exception of Digg, all the major social networking sites had more women than men. I wonder why? Why do you think so? Personally, I know I have been on social networking sites since 1992 via Usenet and IRC. Yes, you might not have heard of these two, but this is way before Google came to the picture, kiddos.


I think the basic reason goes back to something I noticed when I was younger. In the dark ages, before e-mail and social networks, when people would actually put pen to paper and write letters and the majority of the time I noticed that my mom and my aunts would write letters and postcards but my dad, uncles and brother preferred to pick up the phone or talk in person. My mom would even write out Christmas cards to my dad's side of the family.

I think what it comes down to is that women are for the most part more comfortable with expressing themselves with the written (or in this case typed) word and men prefer spoken communication. I am sure that if you looked just at youtube accounts the majority of the content on their is from men. It is recorded spoken word.
The other reason might be that men are just lazy and prefer the easiest way to communicate.


It may also have something to do with patience and the fact women (in general) enloying talking and communicating.


Very good observation. It all depends on how mena nd women prefer to communicate and how they communicate - perhaps its a DNA thing or it is a socially taught behavior. Regardless, this is evident on how people communicate and share, both online and offline.


What is funny is that if the major sports that have banned tweeting by players during games reversed their decisions you would probably see a huge spike in men using twitter. Sadly, we are predictable creatures.


It is probably a combination of both in general. In earlier times a mother show a daughter how to do something then guide her while she did it explaining why and how whereas boys were normally told how to do something, what to use and then left to get on with it. We certainly are predictable.

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