I was thinking about the DaniWeb badge earlier, and the possibility of putting it onto my site, but it really doesn't fit in with my sites colour scheme :(

I would like to suggest customisation options for the current purple background.
You are already generating the image from post counts and other user data (GD or ImageMagick I assume) so would there be any chance of allowing an (optional) variable in the URI for a hex colour to use as the background to replace the purple?

Instead of http://www.daniweb.com/certificates/badge323950.jpg perhaps allow something like http://www.daniweb.com/certificates/badge323950.jpg?c=000000 ?

Just throwing it out there.. No idea how many people actually have the badges anywhere or if anyone else would be interested in doing so if it was customisable... I can't imaging server load would be hugely different if this was an option..

I'm guessing it might be less of server load and more of a DaniWeb branding issue to change the colour scheme, but Dani will probably be along soon to confirm.

Indeed, a DaniWeb branding issue does play a part. However, other badges are most likely going to be coming in the future :)

We also have a whole new DaniWeb design set to launch next month, so stay tuned!! :)

Figured there would be something like that :)

But what's the saying? If you don't ask, you won't get :P

Not really a problem, just asked because purple doesn't really go with the colour scheme on my site, but I can make it work :D