I can reproduce this bug in IE7 (and a colleague in IE6), my link is here:


If you select a tag the list gets filtered and the tag added to the selected div. Unselecting it will reset the taglist, and remove() the tag from the selected div. Selecting another one will result in positioning the new tag next to the element that has been removed.

Is this a jQuery issue, or can this be fixed by changing my css.

After a suggestion on StackOverflow I've also tried to use .hide() and .hide("fast") but to no avail.


Originally posted here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1668042/jquery-remove-doesnt-hide-used-space-in-ie6-and-ie7

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could it be the other way around, because if it really happens to be an IE "bug" you should post back at Microsoft -'cause we cant fix browsers.

Why don't you check you code instead of 'repoting bugs' you don't know anything about?

It works fine on my IE 6 - but you should check back the style, (and a bit of positioning) because the border around elements is dashed here while in fx it's solid.


Yes, it could be an IE bug (I did not state it was, but it is the only one with the problem), but that is why I want to know if anyone has ever seen this behaviour before. I want to rule out coding/css errors first. Any help I've had so far has not resulted in anything.

The border is supposed to be dashed... but that is just visual stuff, not important at this time. I'm hoping to find a solution to the positioning problem.

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This is not an IE issue.
Get yourself Firebug for Firefox and the IE Developer Toolbar for IE7 -- maybe 6 and 8?

When I run through the example on firefox it is not removing the li tags from the list when i deselect a tag, just the input and the label.

Firefox is leaving the empty li tags and not displaying them or hiding them or something I assume it is your css. On IE7 the EXACT same behavior is occurring except IE7 is leaving the li's in their default state (expanded/not hidden?).

Both browsers show like this once i have removed items that i previously selected.

<ul class="selected">
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
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Useful comment, confirms my suspicion

Thanks for the tips. I'll sit down this weekend and try again. Apparently the .remove and .hide functions of jQuery do not work as expected, so I'll have to write a work-around.

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Thanks all. Your insights helped me fix it. Apparently my .remove() did not recognize the parent li tag correctly. It is now fixed.


How did u fix it..even i have a similar problem

If you do have a similar problem, start a new thread to describe it.

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