Why does Windows Mobile think it is 2016?

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Does anyone know just what is happening with Microsoft Windows Mobile devices? It would appear that many users with Windows Mobile powered mobile phones have been getting SMS text messages dated 2016. The first reports came as folk started to receive Happy New Year messages from family and friends on the 1st Jan 2010 and they noticed that those texts carried a date of 2016.

Could it be, as some have suggested, that 010110 is binary for 16 (unlikely, seeing as it is actually 22) or is it just a bug? All the evidence points at a bug, the WMY2K16 bug seems as good a name as any right now.

About the only thing that is known for sure at this point in time is that users of the T-Mobile network do not appear to be affected by the 2016 glitch and that, for those who are, an unofficial .CAB file fix is available.

So, what I'd love to know is: have you been getting text messages from 2016 on your Windows Mobile device? If so, what device, what network and what version of Windows Mobile is it? I would also love to know if anyone has any insight into exactly what is going on here.

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HTC Touch Pro2 Sprint... I started a thread in the htcwiki here:


It seems like it's affecting certain Windows Mobile 6.1 phones in CMDA networks only.

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sorry for double post, but I forgot to mention that 010110 translates to 22 in decimal, not 16.

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how about a conspiracy theory?

Someone from the future is trying to warn us usuing text messages...probably those text messages contain hidden warning of some kind!!!

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