Hey guys...

With the old forum style we had few quick links at the right side of the forum just like (search this forum)

Right now there is only the "normal search" bar on top which searches in ALL forums. thats pretty unhandy.

Also the "Mark forum as read" links me to the "Software Development Category". just coz i mark all threads as read doesn't mean i am done in that forum o.O

is it possible to bring the quick links back and not redirecting on marking as read please?

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My unofficial answers, just relaying (and re-relaying) the info I've heard:

Hit the search key with nothing in the box to get the advanced search. I think Dani is working on it, see this post http://www.daniweb.com/forums/post1229170.html#post1229170 and a few posts down.

The "mark forum as read" 'bug' is a feature of vBulletin (the underlying framework of the forums, as I understand it). There's a post about in Area 51 but rather than copy and paste it I'll let Dani or Davey give you the official word.

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