Hey guys, I know this is an odd post but I cannot seem to get a straight answer where ever I look!

I know you can add stuff to spreadsheet via a form which is great, but I want to create a form that allows me to search through the data in the spreadsheet. However, I cannot seem to find either templates or videos of people using google docs to create a search form. Its part of a research project(ish) just to look at the benefits of access and google docs. I could give you the whole story but i'll spare you, i know its mega simple to search in access but my boss seems focused on google docs unless i can prove him wrong!

So my question to you is, can you use google docs to create a form with a search facility?

Say you had like 8 headings, you could have a search form that allowed you to search on any of the fields and they would auto-fill with the appropriate data!Thats what i've got going in access, didnt know if it was possible on google docs?

Thanks for listening and appreciate any advice as always

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this topic doesnt look quite as wise to put my question in as i first thought so apologies in advance, if anyone knows a better place to put it let me know about that too!


google docs includes an API which can be used for example from Java. The API offers complete document search facilities. There are various query classes, also for spreadsheets. You may dive into the details here. Then the form to enter data can be build with Java. However,google offers also GWT to compile Java to Javascript.

I am also strongly interested in google docs, and a college of my own is completely enthusiastic of it.

I myself have some doubts about what will happen with the documents once stored on google's site. Possibly they will get indexed instantly and google will pelt one with tons of endless ads.

-- tesu

Awesome! Thanks, I wasnt sure if it supported anything like that, suppose it opens it for a lot more invoation with a java API. Yeah the job it would be doing is dealing with a marketing database which includes alot of email addresses etc so online hosting of my data is nice as storing it on one server ,which can get busy or the farther away you get from it the slower the retieval time, although knowing you control of your data is somewhat reassuring.

Another query about the google docs is that have you noticed a lag in the internet service eg response time if you upload larger volumes of data. My list i'm uploading is near 6500 contacts large and it massivly slows down my machine - i think! If it was true it make an even better case for local hosting of information then again it might just be technical farts eating the bandwidth lol.

Thanks for the heads up with the api :D excellent to know!

i've scrapped python and using vs 2008 so i can create an exe instead. Thanks for the assistance anyway

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