I'm sorry if I'm just missing something here or perhaps it's glaringly obvious to everyone but me...

I've been ALL over this site trying to find some way to 'customize' which forums appear within the "My Favorite Forums" (purple bar at the footer of DaniWeb). IMHO it should be the same forums (if any) that I selected for my "Homepage Content" but it's not and nowhere in my User CP or profile can I find a way to select/remove forums from this list.

It wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that a couple of forums I've visited only in passing have snuck in with a list of forums that I regularly frequent and, as such, render the "New Posts" and "Unanswered Threads" options useless to me since it's throwing in results from those forums as well as the ones I actually want to see.

Realistically this is forcing me to have to manually go to each of my "favorite" forums manually to look for updates which kinda defeats the purpose of the hotbar at the bottom of the site :)

So ya, anyone got a way for me to purge un-wanted "Favorite" items from "My Favorite Forums"?

Anyone on 'staff' have an answer for this before I mark it solved as a matter of housekeeping?

AFAIK, there is no way to customize the MFF since it is decided based on your usage patterns. Subscribing to forums and tracking them via your CP is one way of watching selected forums irrespective of your usage/posting history.

Ok thanks for that :) Someone else had already made that suggestion via instant message but I just wanted to hear from the top whether what I was looking for was possible or not.