I'm new to ASP.net I am a decent C# programmer, but I usually write windows programs, not web stuff, I did my website in plain html and recently I have started working in asp.net. I've read a few tutorials, but I'm stuck on what to search for, and how to get started.

I am using a css formatted unordered list as a navigation, I have one of those free javascript animated dropdown menus to go along with it. What I would like to do is create a asp.net control I can drop into a page like <asp:sitenav ID="snav" runat="server" /> and have it throw in the nav associate the 3 css files and js file it uses. and have a single aspx file I can edit to change all the links in the nav.

I just really don't know all it entails or how to get started. Anyone have any suggestions, or good links on this kind of thing? or any insight on problems I may run into?

Turned out it was much easier than I thought. I got it working fine. I though that the stylesheet links wouldn't work correctly since they aren't in the head, but it all seems to work just fine.

I want to use Timer on aspx page then how

what will be the steps for hosting my complete project with database

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