Hi there. In a day I have to connect to a lot of networks and each network has its own setting. Each time I have to re-configure my Windows Vista Home Edition IP confiugrations which is both slow and quite annoying. Thus I decided to write a program in C# (since it is the easiest programming language ever! :) ). So the way it will work is that; I will right click an icon on my icon tray. There there will be a "add connection setting" button. From there I will be able to create a connection setting with its IP,DNS (primary and secondary),Gateway and subnetmask settings. And if I ever need to switch to that connection I will only need to right click and choose the connection settings.

Now to the problem I face; How do I change these settings in Vista through C#? And how do I make sure I don't get some "permission" problem? And what will be the best way to store these settings?

I thank you for your help in advance