I have noticed that some images in posts spill over the side like this;

I have seen this happen before but noticed again recently.

Just letting you know.

What resolution are you using?

I viewed it under 1024 x 768 but also on 1280 x 1024. It's okay on a higher resolution in full screen but if you view it in a smaller browser window it is the same as above.

Yes, DaniWeb is designed for higher resolutions. I think it's an acceptable compromise that there is a little bit of overlap with these large images when viewing at smaller resolutions.

Maybe, But it would be better if the pictures would scale down to stay in the post box or push the ads more over to the right to compensate.

It would be better, but I am sure I can cope if you leave it.

It is very hard to scale an image. As it is, it was a big process to get them to conform to the two sizes we have now.