I have noticed a small discrepancy between my Avatar in posts and my profile page. On the left you will notice that I have 995 posts to my name, but my profile screen says 997. I am unsure what the correct number should be.

Normally I wouldn't worry about such a trivial difference but I am fast approaching the 1000 post mark and my 1000th post will be the cause of much celebration :)

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There has been a glitch in the post-count at some point in the past. There have been quite a few threads back in the day, but I don't think it's very high on the bug-fixing list.
I personally have 3,787 posts, but my profile reads 3,791.

Or was it a problem with the servers being out of sync... I can't quite seem to remember.

I think it's the latter, because I apparently posted twice now, while I only clicked "submit"once. So perhaps Blud or Dani can shed some light on this?

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Are you sure it's not because you reported posts, and those don't count towards your post count? I dunno, I will have to look into it either this weekend or Monday.


I've reported more than 4 posts :) 1000 or 2000 might be more accurate :)

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My similar issue had cleared up and has remained clear for months, despite having reported posts in the meantime. I thought you'd updated/cleared the cache on the server(s) to pull it off, Dani (I may be wrong as I know nothing of that fun).

You can celebrate both times you clear 1000, darkagn!

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