Hi guys,

For some reason, when i click on the Java forum i get logged out but when i click back on say C++ it says im logged back in..But when i try to start a thread on the C++ forum it asks me to log in?!?!When i try to log in it keeps redirecting me to the login page..Something very strange going on, Can someone help me out here?!

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Which browser do you use? What kind of privacy settings do you have for that browser? Are you using Firewall? If yes, have you added Daniweb to the list of trusted sites(if there is one)?

AFAIK, Daniweb solely relies on cookies for session tracking, so anything which messes with that messes with Daniweb navigation.


Yes, cookies are required to contribute to DaniWeb.

I'll ship you a box tomorrow. Oreo or Chips Ahoy?

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sorry for late reply..i dont think cookies are an issue guys, i can ask questions in C++ forum but when i try in java it says im logged out..wtf??!!


Which browser are you using? You can try clearing the browser cache (everything related to Daniweb), log out explicitly, press CTRL + F5 on the login page, wait for the page to reload and then try again.

If cookies and Javascript are enabled, I don't see any reason why the forum shouldn't work fine for you.


internet explorer..cookies are enabled..i restarted computer and i could log on to java forum ok :) tomorrow it will porobably keep me logged out, must have something to do with the movement of the planets or something! lol

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