Hi there,

First of all. Thanks for being such a great site. You guys have gotten me out of a jam a few times. I appreciate what you do. I am wondering if you can help.

I reached out to your forum a few months ago. I posted the entire html including my business name. Now the post is coming up in search engines when I google the business. I was wondering if you could help me delete the business name from my posts so that it stops appearing in the searches.

I would be so super appreciative if you can help me. It's only in three places in my original post. Can you help?


Yes, that should be possible since you want to just remove a certain data and not entire thread as some students when cheating on school work ;).

Can you point the posts (sorry I feel lazy to go through each of your posts to find it out :) )

I've been looking at this thread, but you're website's name is integrated too much in your post and the reply. If I delete it, it would render the entire thread useless.

Hi Nick,

I understand that it would take away a direct reference to the domain itself, but the question and the solution that serves as information to your other members wouldn't be effected at all.

I simply had just not placed the header in the right area.

My name is only in three areas of the original post and not in the reply....in the <title> (You can keep everything in there except the name), The heading in the footer, the <mailto> address in the footer and the text (same thing, you can keep everything else in there that is left or even abbreviate or misspell it).

Can you please help. I didn't do anything malicious or mean anything bad....I just learned a super valuable lesson about SEO. I don't think your members learn anything less by omitting the name. Again, I would be super grateful if you can throw me a bone this one time.

The link is here:



I think Nick may have thought you were referring to your other thread, which had the domain scattered throughout the code and on many replies.

commented: I did indeed. +0

OK, I removed website name from there. However I need favour from you in return. Next time when you post any code please use code tags as

[code] YOUR CODE HERE [/code]

I WILL!! Promise. Lesson learned:) THANKS!! You guys rock!