how can i crop an image based on the size of my picturebox?

my picturebox's size mode is normal, i want to have for example, a 100 x 100 image using a 100 x 100 picture box, also i can drag the the image inside the picturebox so that i can have a focal point, a center of the image that i want to crop on.

thanks guys! itll be greatly appreciated.

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You can find an example, here.

where is the solution there? im sorry i didnt get what they meant there..

I think what you need is to display the full image ( picturebox larger than 100x100 ) but then display a rectangle of size 100x100 on top of the picture and let the user drag this rectangle to specify the area to crop. Is that correct ?

Would it be ok to use a commercial .NET component rather than standard picturebox ?

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