That big yellow button does no longer exist. Scroll down to the bottom of any forum menu page (the one in which you want to start a new thread) and you will see a button "Start a new thread"

Must have found it about the same time you posted, thank you again.

Yeah, but it still makes sense to have the start new thread button right at the top so everyone can see it -web design is all about things being intuitive to use right?? There must be a design reason as to why it is at the bottom? Why I couldn't say...

I agree -- that button is in a very poor location.

Since switching to this design, the number of new threads posted daily has decreased by 75%. New posts, new registrations, and traffic has remained consistant.

Is the "new thread" button really hard to locate? Confusing? What is wrong?

I agree on that ... I'm having hard time to locate ... :(

Hint: Go to the forum in which you want to start a new thread, then click on the bit (right towards the top of the page) that says "Click Here to Start a New Thread" and that's it.

happygeek, that's exactly what i use. I've never even had the time to notice the button ;)

Yes but isn't that new? Surely the easiest way to draw someones attention to any page element is to use color. An emerald green button would be nice Teal?.

It's not that new, been like it for many, many months...