I wrote this C++ article.

At first I thought of making it a tutorial, but when I create a new post there is no option in the combo to say it's a tutorial. Only options available were discussion thread and code snippet. I was hoping to get an option called tutorial (and one for each tab i.e.
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Why can I not post a tutorial? Or is there some other way I donno of?

I received many comments for the article. Based on the comments I feel I MUST edit the article to incorporate some of the very valid comments.
I can't.

Of course I can post a comment in the thread/code-snippet. But it's not the same as modifying the original.

1. You can't at this moment. You can make a code-snippet/forum thread and warn a moderator/admin that it should be a tut. This way we can review anything that makes it to tutorial on Daniweb.

2. Same as 1. You can't edit it, but if you want to replace text/code/entire post, just post it as a reply and warn a moderator (with the flag bad post button in this case) and explain what needs to be done.

commented: Right you are. +0


Not optimal IMHO, but alright as I don't write an article everyday.