I'm writing a program in visual basic 2010 express and i have a combo box. in that combo box there are 3 selections 20 25 and 30. at first i had a percent sign in front of each but i wanted to take it out... so i took out the percent sign in the designer mode but when i debug the program the combo box still has 20% 25% and 30%
I have many hours into this program and would hate to restart... please if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this it would be very appreciated

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Are you populating the combo boxes with code if so, check your code? if not, just remove the combobox and add a new one & fix the properties.

im not converting anything i add the three items using the little black arrow on the combo box...

Can you post the code that is fired when the user changes the index?

there isn't any code. when you click on the combo box and then the little black arrow in the little box appears i want 20 25 and 30 also i changed a label from save to percent saved and the form didnt do the change when i debugged the form.......

also i started a brand new project and copied the stuff over but it didnt work either

on top of all of that i am unable to debug more than one time on any program after restarting, reinstalling, doing everything that i could to reset any settings....

Seems like you have code somewhere that populates the combobox.. =p mind zipping up the project and pm'ing it to me and I'll take a quick peek.

now it happens to all my programs... i can only debug it once and then it will only load that last debug and no change can be made to it even though code or forms are edited...

got it fixed now. There was a setting changed. For anyone with the same issue this is where you have to go to fix it:

Debug > Options and Settings > Debugging > Edit and Continue > uncheck the top box

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