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Sorry, thought I'd got your Featured Poster badge sorted - might have been a casualty of my having to leave DaniWeb temporarily to sort my life out. Anyway, now sorted :)


Looked like there was slight confusion around that time, actually I got asked again from Narue about Member of Month stuff and I gave her other answer for the questions. So as I think those first answers were little dry, I post my other answers here for fun. Sorry if it is wrong place, you can move or delete them if you want (Python code snippet maybe? ;) )

I marked this solved, solved thread 33 for you Happygeek!

Where are you from and how old are you?
I am originally from http://maps.google.fi/maps/ms?ie=UTF...87e03e098667c1 and now I live in http://maps.google.fi/maps/ms?ie=UTF...87e03e098667c1.
For the second part we can extend the code snippet I posted in DaniWeb to extend it until years:

import datetime
import time
import sys

def timestr(t):
    """ verbalizes times to more understandable units.

        <-- takes time t as seconds,
        ---> returns string, which can be printed or added to other strings,

    if t>= 365 * 24 * 60 * 60:
        years, t = divmod(t, 365 * 24 * 60 * 60)
        return '%i years %s' % (years, timestr(t))
    if t>=24*60*60:
        return "%i days %s" % (days,timestr(t))        
    elif t>=60*60:
        return "%i hours %s" % (hours,timestr(t))
    elif t>=60: return "%i min %.3f s" % divmod(t,60)
    elif t>=1: return "%.3f s" % t
    else: return "%i ms" % int(t*1000)

birth = datetime.datetime(1965,7,1,22,30)
while True:
    d = datetime.datetime.now()-birth
    print '\r'+timestr(d.total_seconds()),

What is your current occupation?
My current occupation is programming in Python. I am looking opportunities to teach and/or do programming. I am interested in distance learning.
What first attracted you to Daniweb?
I was starting to learn Python deeper and was looking solution to one problem. Then I saw people asking questions and started to learn the things that people had problems with.
What keeps you coming back for more?
I have noticed that best way to learn is to teach. I have been able to answer many questions and also help many people.
How did you get started with computers?
I decided to study programming based on one article on symbolic programming with programming language LISP in one exhibition magazine . I was in school in 8th grade and I ordered a programmable TI58C programmable calculator. Then our school got a Z80 based computer and I started my first programs with BASIC.
What is your favorite aspect of Daniweb?
I like the community spirit.
What are your interests outside of Daniweb?
I am interested in electrification of cars, astronomy, generally scientific things and philosophy/religion. I am especially following the progress of Better Place project starting to operate this year in Israel and Denmark.

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