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C++ programmer with about 17 years of experience, generally with 3D game programming and engineering software for multi-body dynamics, robotics control systems and artificial intelligence.

Robotics and software
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Intel Core i7-5820K, 32GB DDR4, GeForce GTX 970, Kubuntu 17.10
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I guess you watch a lot of cops-and-robber shows. I'm surprised you missed this one: However much I enjoy spectacular car chases in movies / shows, I absolutely hate how incredibly reckless they are. Some perp robs a bank, steals a car or escapes a drug bust in a car, …

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Just an update on this. This program by Dell didn't last very long. Word has it that MS came down hard on them. Considering that the profit margin of Dell is directly tied to how good a deal they can make with MS to buy the Windows installations for their …

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> Some refreshing Club-Mate Is that only to give yourself some gravitas as a programmer? Club-mate is the iconic hacker's drink. > are you familiar with mate-tea? Yes, I used to drink "yerba mate" tea almost everyday... but then I ran out and didn't buy new stock. Thanks for the …

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Here are some of my favorites: "Hero­ism breaks its heart, and ide­al­ism its back, on the intran­si­gence of the cred­u­lous and the mediocre, manip­u­lated by the cyn­i­cal and the corrupt." - Christopher Hitchens (R.I.P.) "You know you're a programmer if you always start counting from 0." - Geek saying "When …

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Ubuntu, like most Linux distributions, is great for programming. Fundamentally, Linux is an OS by programmers, for programmers (even though it has gotten very user-friendly for anyone else too, now). I tend to prefer Kubuntu (the KDE version of Ubuntu), as it is a bit more development-oriented, and the nativeness …

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Calling the destructor does not erase the object. It is just like calling any other member function on the object. What makes the destructor special is that it gets called automatically when the object is deleted. An object is deleted when the memory it occupies is freed. In the case …

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> over the next 3 years?! That's the punch-line!! From your description, it's more like in the next 30 years (at which point, most of it will be obsolete anyways, I guess). I haven't even done half of that, and I've been at it pretty hard for about 15 years. …

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I watched ["A Fistful of Dynamite"]( yesterday... man, I never get tired of this movie, a timeless classic, like most of [Sergio Leone]('s work.

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It depends on the code that you are testing. In general, it's a matter of how deterministic the code is, how sensitive to input it is, pathological cases or error conditions, and so on. An arbitrary number does not really make that much sense, but sometimes it boils down to …

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I agree with firstPerson. One of the biggest hurdles for many seems to be the math involved in doing 3D graphics. Don't underestimate how much math permeates almost all areas of 3D graphics programming. If you are not comfortable / able / interested in the math that you have to …

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I think that Trump's biggest advantage is his appeal to headline-chasing media coupled with his brazen ability to just say anything and nothing at the same time, and with full confidence. Mainstream media lays down for him at every turn. And when they like to pretend to do journalism by …

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Isn't the standard tool "ffmpeg" available for Windows too? At least, [it appears to be]( That's the swiss army knife tool I use for all my video conversion needs.

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I'm starting to hate the whole new "convergence" and "personalized" strategies for google searches and others. When I search for a coding issue, it is usually some obscure and very specific issue. It is true that SO often offers one or two reasonably related threads that can be useful to …

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So much confusion, you seem to have confused yourself too. Cracker and Black Hat Hacker are not synonymous at all. The term Hacker (black or white or whatever) refers to someone with the technical skills and ingenuity required to deconstruct systems in order to find weaknesses in them which can …

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> Over the past 50 years, gun owners have been responsible for over $2 billion in wildlife conservation in the United States due to 10% tax on guns and ammo. That's great! But the target is wrong. Statistically, one of the primary uses for firearms is to commit suicide. So, …

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For video capture, I just use [RecordItNow]( For snapshot, I just use the "print screen" button, which pops up the [KSnapshot]( utility. As you may have guessed from those links, I use Linux with KDE as desktop environment.

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If you [read the documentation]( for the istream operator, then you would learn that you need to first call the "width()" function on the input stream to tell it how many characters you can accomodate with the read operation. Otherwise, the width will be zero and the stream will go …

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Basically, the examples you gave are all part of the same family of tricks: non-linear projections. As you know, the projection matrix takes objects (vertices) from the 3D world (cartesian) space to a projective space (the frustum, with 2D screen coordinates and depth). But the projection matrix is a linear …

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Game developers / companies target the biggest markets. And porting a game from one platform to another is usually a pretty costly undertaking, because AAA games are generally very highly optimized for the specific platforms they target. These two factors are mainly what prevents AAA games from becoming available on …

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> Can anyone tell me how a self driving car will park itself on the parking of a supermarket or on an airport? Easy. I wrote much of the software for doing that. It's a solved problem. The decision making part is just an A-star on a road network graph …

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In many ways, C++ is the mother of all modern languages, in most application domains. So, is it enough by itself? Not really, but it's a really good start or foundation. In any case, I don't think you can really become an expert C++ programmer without being exposed to a …

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There was a proposal to add barrier / latch to the C++ threading library (see [n3817](, but it came in too late for the C++14 standard release. I don't know it's current status, but I would imagine it will make it into the C++17 standard. But, obviously, that doesn't help …

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Ok, so lets see if we can break-up this statement into pieces (which is NOT equivalent to &*raiz, but it illustrates a point): [CODE] nodo** raiz; //from your code, this is basically the type of raiz nodo*& tmp = *raiz; //when you dereference raiz, this is what happens nodo** ptmp …

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I'm sorry to hear that.... We're supposed to answer questions on this forum, and I didn't see any question in your post. But I can comment. What baffles me is that you have such an interest for programming that you've persevered for over a year dabbling in it, but at …

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I was just roaming the internet for some interesting reads and I came across [this very interesting paper]( about how to define a legal framework for the "reasonable expectation of privacy" when it comes to our new cyber-existence. I thought I'd share it with you guys, and see what you …

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I agree with rubberman. Don't expect much from that computer. I mean Atom processors are meant for very small netbooks and for embedded systems. I've seen plenty of Atom CPUs used in embedded system (e.g., robotics), because they are top of the line CPUs for that kind of a small …

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There is also a [verified repository]( that was created by the auditing team. There, you can find the last unchanged version of TrueCrypt, i.e., version 7.1a, with verified hashes. The version on the sourceforge site has been altered by the TrueCrypt developers to disable the ability to create new containers …

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I would agree with rubberman. You should maybe try to increase the RAM a bit, especially if you want to be using VMs a lot. And you should consider a bigger SSD than 80GB. I'm guessing you intend to put the OS install and the swap / virtual-memory space on …

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> But I suppose this will never happen again in future missions. I wish... I know from good sources that this kind of thing happens again and again about a thousand times for every mission of the European Space Agency. Some are caught before the launch, but most problems are …

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