Hey all.
Figured this might be a good place to post this.
After seeing some pics on Facebook of a recent Daniweb sponsored event; seeing all of that Daniweb swag made me wonder if Dani or one of her minions have considered setting up an online store to sell some of it? I couldn't see anything on the site about an existing store, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people from the community would part with some cash for some Daniweb branded items. (especially those in far flung corners of the world who can't make it to NY.).

As long as setting up and running the store isn't too expensive, it could provide another revenue stream while at the same time advertising the site... It was just a thought!

Is there already a store?
If not, would there be much demand for one?
What do you guys 'n gals think?

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Nice idead
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Last summer, we came up with tshirts with the slogans that a lot of you came up with in the discussion thread that Nick Evan referenced. We've been handing them out at conferences and industry events that we've been sponsoring ever since.

We have more recently expanded to more DaniWeb swag that seems to be a huge hit. We're currently talking about opening up an online store where all of our swag can be purchased. We would actually be doing all the order fulfillment ourselves (so it's not like it would be a Cafepress.com type of thing).

Stay tuned :)


Yes please stay tuned! We actually have some really cool ideas in the making. I'm working with factories to produce things that only DaniWeb would have. We plan to have a MUCH better idea of what exactly we will have in the next month or two. By then I should have figured out exactly what items our members would like most of all, and you members can judge my ideas as you see them come to life.

Dani and I are working together to make sure we offer our members the best possible merchandise with in-house order fulfillment so we can rest assured that our members are happy. From our hands to yours, in most cases literally! We will keep posting to keep everyone updated as to the progress of merchandise, and a store.

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> Last summer, we came up with tshirts with the slogans that a lot of you came up with in the discussion thread that Nick Evan referenced

Hey, you could at least post the pics of the shirts for the community if you are using their slogans ya know. :-)


It's a loooong story but we don't have any right now. Wanted to send them out to all the mods awhile ago but it didn't work out ...

We should be getting a new order in shortly.


Thanks for the T shirt sayings you guys gave us. They worked out really well. We will be adding to them soon. Part of my job here is to make sure DaniWeb has the coolest stuff and to make sure our stuff isn't the same old stuff you see all over! This is something I work at day and night. I can't tell you what's on my drawing board just yet, but I can promise you that this thread will see it first! My desk is loaded with ideas, catalogs, and proofs. Prototypes will be in the making soon! I can also promise that you WON'T be disappointed! Pics to follow here Monday. Any ideas for cool stuff please let me know and I will gladly look into the possibilities. Our members' input is valued by Dani and myself, please don't hesitate to send me a message!

You can also follow my twitter @DaniWebPress

I won't disappoint

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