Hi there guys,

I recently swtiched to Ubuntu Lucid, and just want to know if there is something like an "App store" for Ubuntu apps? Since my Ubuntu machine is not connected to the net, i can't use the software centre. So I have to download the packages and install in manually..

So all-in-all, is there one "centralized" website where I can just browse through all the Ubuntu apps, pick what I want, and download the packages?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, the way i understand; you have a computer somewhere that is not connected to the internet, then you want something to just give you all the packages for you to download then install them on the machine with no internet connection. Well maybe not like Ubuntu Software center online look alike but their is this software


its an offline repository, you install it to a USB flash drive and where ever you have the chance to get online you choose what software to install and off you go to the machine with no internet, maybe this will help you , not sure if this is what you were looking for.

That is exactly what I meant and what I was looking for! Great help, thanks alot!

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