Hi there,

I'm building an online Store as part of my website. The store will have upwards of 40 pages (including category and product pages).

I want to add a search bar to the Store which will allow customers to search for the product they want.

How would I go about doing this? Just looking for advice really.

The store pages are .php pages, and use CSS and HTML also.

All of the store pages are stored in the Store folder. I would like the search bar to only search the store, and not any other part of my site.


Many thanks.

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I dont know PHP, but the basic idea is you need a query to search your database. PHP i know can handle this, but again I couldnt comment on the syntax to use. Coldfusion I know...lol

zoom search works very well. Especially with php. Very easy to use and has a great GUI interface. Its basically an indexing software. It even builds all your php code for you and even your search form!

Awesome. Used Zoom search and works great! Thanks.

Google works well enough, but some site owners dont like that fact that google search takes their visitors away from their site briefly. I have heard that google now has a custom search that doesnt do this, but havent check this myself.

Just remember though, Zoom is free and fully functional, but they limit the free version to 50 pages to index I think. They have paid versions which allow for more pages as well as unlimited number of pages should you need that in the future.

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