I would like to welcome you to take advantage of our new feature, an Event Calendar. It can be accessed via the silver button in the sidebar. You'll notice there are two Event Calendars, which can be accessed via the Dropdown menu on the calendar page.

By default, you are taken to the IT Industry Events calendar, where all members are encouraged to post about various events, product launches, conventions, etc.

The second calendar is the DaniWeb Community Events calendar, which includes birthdays of all of our members. Moderators and administrators may also create DaniWeb-related events for this calendar.

Thats really a good addition ... I appriciate it. I think Daniweb events calendar should be the default..

When using the Events Calendar, which one is the typical visitor most likely to spend more time viewing: Seeing IT Industry Events that they might be interested in, or learning about new feature launches and other such stuff that relate exclusively to this site ;)

Additionally, members can only post to the IT Industry Events calendar, which is another reason I want to make it the default.

Will IT events be specific to US or it'll be international?? It'll only do some good for me if the news cover Pakistan also ... and like me all the users will want the IT news for their own countries ... no doubt most of the users are from US .. but there're quite a number of people from around the world.

So I'd just prefer the Daniweb events so that I may keep myself uptodate with daniweb without having to get through those additional clicks..

The IT Events will be international. Currently, when you create a new event in this calendar, there is a mandatory "Location" field you need to fill out. In the near future, I plan on making the events searchable by location. This way you, for example, can see all upcoming events only in Pakistan.

Thats nice ... I'll be looking forward to that search feature.