Over the past couple days I've marked ModPlace and Feedback Forums as READ several times and still get 'NEW' posts.

Same thing has been happening to me in a variety of other forums too (everything I've visited in the Software Development area).

"Over the past few days..." Refreshing/revisiting is required during that timespan.

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After I marked subforum read the message ipconfig... from Networking is still marked unread in main level of Hardware and Software, even after closing Firefox and reopening. networking_read_F5

OK I will look into this tomorrow. I think my logic is wrong in determining what is read/unread.

It could be related to that problem of Gribouillis + vote coming throug as 0 points in Python Forum I reported before. Good night, Dani. You need rest to debug your brain fresh! ;)

If you change style I would like the UI with one voting button (or hovering over the number) and then blue (text) positive vote and red (text) negative vote button. Or at least to have the box brought up by hovering to have blue or red frame and title/label 'positive vote' or 'negative vote'.

I do not think it is so big effect to only upvote the post as it only slowly raises the quality procent of poster and show in list if somebody clicks currently positive comments (which is not so much usefull as the posts are out of context).

Maybe the problem is also related to that I first hovered over negative side mistake, cancelled and refreshed. Now the vote is OK, maybe you fixed or it went by itself?

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Yes, I will make it more clear when you hover whether it is a positive or negative vote you are adding a comment to.

Keep in mind you can just click on the arrows directly to vote without a comment.

Even after refreshing the page or revisiting it?


"Over the past few days..." Refreshing/revisiting is required during that timespan.



Since I am not on Daniweb 24/7 and I shut my computer down nightly, I revisit the site quite often over the span of a "few days". I'm sure somewhere in those few days a refresh happens -- like when the computer shuts down and the browser must restart the next day.

And today I have many "new" messages -- from 2-5 days ago.

What I'm doing/seeing:

  1. Hit the "Mark Forum Read" link--It says they're marked as read
  2. Refresh the page--everything shows up as having been read
  3. Close browser and go back to work/order a pizza/whatever
  4. Come back the next day, now some (seems like not all) threads in most of the forums show up as "new", even though there have been no further posts since I marked the forum as read

Possibly related: In the "Watched Articles" section, some threads are not being marked as new, even when there are new posts since I looked at them last.

Still have threads with no posts in almost a week marked as new.
But on the other side of the spectrum, I have threads with new posts over the last 5 hours are marked as read.

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