Hi all,
I try to read file from file..
i put the file at drive D:\test.txt
Please help me..

Best Regards

There are many way to accomplish this.
See if this help :

' Get a free file number
nFileNum = FreeFile

' Open a text file for input. inputbox returns the path to read the file
Open "D:\test.txt" For Input As nFileNum
lLineCount = 1
' Read the contents of the file
Do While Not EOF(nFileNum)
   Line Input #nFileNum, sNextLine
   'do something with it
   'add line numbers to it, in this case!
   sNextLine = sNextLine & vbCrLf
   sText = sText & sNextLine

Text1.Text = sText
' Close the file
Close nFileNum
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Thank you very much for your quick help..
and also solved this thread.

Thank you.

You're welcome friend..
Happy coding.

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