What is the order of the code snippets, they used to be in alphabetical order by title. Now I can't even figure it out, and it is very hard to find anything.

I didn't think that the alphabetical order thing was working because code snippet titles started with words like "A" and "The" and "A simple ..." and other things that had nothing to do with what the snippet was actually about. Now, they are in order of popularity: First by user rating and then by views.

The best way to find a code snippet you're looking for is to use the search box at the top of the sidebar. Use the dropdown menu to search code snippets, or, optionally, a specific language. For example, suppose I want to find the round robin algorithm in C. I'll go into the listing of C code snippets, enter "round robin" into the search field, and use the drop down menu to select "in this language". And there you have it :)

User rating? How does a user rate a snippet?
Also, if I look at all the "five star ratings" the second criteria "views" is not in order!

You can rate a snippet via the little poll located to the right of the snippet description, when looking at a code snippet.

They are ordered based on a real average of all ratings but they are only given star ratings of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. So, in other words, one code snippet might have an average rating of 4.8 and another code snippet might have an average rating of 5.0, but they will both display 5 star ratings, displaying the second one first.

Then, if two code snippets have the same exact average rating - such as 4.8, then views is used to list one above the other.

I just tried to do something to list code snippets in order of how informative / popular / useful they are based on live member-generated statistics.

When I look at code snippet there is no little poll located to the right of the snippet description!

This must be for a different grade of people?

I had posted a small C snippet a while ago and wanted to show it to a friend. I couldn't find it, so I searched for my name, but it didn't come up. There is good news however, I finally found it by searching for my name on Google.

http://www.daniweb.com/code/member48000.html <= all code snippets written by you

Another way to find it is to do a search for code snippets using one of the words in the snippet's title or description.

Also, you could go into your member profile and click the "Code Snippets by this Member" link :)

As far as why you don't see the poll ... this is a bug. I'll fix it right now :)

I find the popularity order rather goofy!
If some stranger looks at the snippets, she expects the titles to be ordered, as imperfect as they are!

Most large resources, actually, are organized based on popularity, top rated, usefulness, etc as opposed to alphabetical order. :) This way makes the most sought after code snippets the quickest to find. Additionally, I don't think that it would take a new visitor long to get his or her bearings when it's clear they are sorted by rating as you see the listings dwindle from 5 stars down to unrated.