I am brand new to Visual Basic, having done some programming in Basic many years ago, so this environment is all new to me.

I am creating my first project that involves solving a simple math expression. When I attempt to debug I get the following warning message, and the program fails to execute the solution.

Warning 1 The file 'C:\Documents and Settings\clarkj\Desktop\WebForm.vb' does not support code parsing or generation because it is not contained within a project that supports code. 0 0

I've tried searching for an answer to why I'm getting this warning but have had no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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It's Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. When I run the wizard to create a new Windows project a form opens with all the proper headers in place so I can start entering code. I've created a few small test projects that worked fine, but this one has a new element. In order to use trig functions I had to enter Imports System.Math at the top of the form.


Well, the problem is solved. I went back and opened a few previous test programs to see if they had a problem and all of them failed to run in the debugger, giving the same warning message. I closed the visual Basic program and after restarting it all the programs ran as they should.

I guess a program bug showed up and restarting got it sorted out.

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