I'm trying to add an RSS feed to my videogame website, but it isn't working.

These are the steps I have done so far:

A) I have copy and pasted the RSS reader to a blank notepad file, and named it rssfeed.php.

This is that code:

$olderror_reporting =error_reporting(0);
include ("http://www.rssfeedreader.com/rss3/rss.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Frss.news.yahoo.com%2Frss%2Fvideogames&newpage=1&chead=&atl=&desc=&auth=&dts=1&width=250&max=10&tlen=33&rnd=1&bt=&bs=None&nmb=1&ntb=1&naf=1&nst=1&nwd=800&nht=600&dlen=85&lstyle=1&lc=%23cccccc&dlttime=0&bg=%23333333&bc=&spc=&ims=1&tc=%23ffffff&ts=9&tfont=Arial,+Helvetica,+Sans-serif&rf=".$HTTP_SERVER_VARS.$HTTP_SERVER_VARS."&phpout=1");

B) I uploaded the file to the root folder of my site.

C) I pasted the following (below) into the area of my page I want the news generated which is within a div tag:

<!--#include virtual="/rssfeeds.php" -->

D) Nothing happened.

Now this is where I am having problems (I'll link the source below).

"In order for a .html or .htm site to parse a PHP script on it's pages, you need to have some instructions in your website's .htaccess file. (For this step you will need access to the .htaccess file on your server.)"

My account is "geocities" and I'm not sure if I can use the control panel in order to use Apache Handlers?

I would rather do this manually, regardless.

So if anyone can help, this is where I'm at:

If the above does not work you can try adding this line below, which does the same as the two lines above.

Addhandler application/x-httpd-php .html .php

I don't know where to "add" this :confused:

Or I can do this:

If you cannot use "Apache Handler" or if you do not have Cpanel you can manually modify the .htaccess file by adding these two lines below;

.htm server parsed

.html server parsed "

Again, I don't know where to add this text, and the source does not explain this.

Thanks in advance, here is the source:


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you will have to add the red line in ur source file where ur calling the rssfeeder function

Where exactly is my "source file.."?

Thanks in advance. I add it to the php code I pasted above? And if so, where?

i mean u just need to add the red line which u have mention in ur question above to ur php.ini ie config file of php on the webserver.

Yes, I need to kknow where that file is please. Thanks.

Sorry if I didn't mention this as well.

This is a free hosted geocities site, it's all html. So that's why I need to add the red text (above), I just don't know where to add it.

sorry sir,

since the site is on geocites u can not do anything because the server control is not on ur hand then just forget it and try using some other way. or if can tell me what exactly want then i may help u better.

I'm trying to get the code above to generat RSS feeds to my geocities website. Now, that said, I have a professional domain as well.


But my brother hasn't given me access to updating this yet. And I haven't updated the site with this html code:


Under the bar that reads "multiplatform" I am trying to get the RSS feeds to generate.

Geocities does support XML but I can't use Apache. Anyone?

I was told to do this:

"Just paste the JavaScript code into the source code of the html page"

Where exactly do I paste it?

I was told to do this:

"Just paste the JavaScript code into the source code of the html page"

Where exactly do I paste it?

HI "a monkeys uncle" :)

Your first post, you include a bit of php:

$olderror_reporting =error_reporting(0);
include ("http://www.rssfeedreader.com/rss3/rss.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Frss.news.yahoo.com%2Frss%2Fvideogames&newpage=1&chead=&atl=&desc=&auth=&dts=1&width=250&max=10&tlen=33&rnd=1&bt=&bs=None&nmb=1&ntb=1&naf=1&nst=1&nwd=800&nht=600&dlen=85&lstyle=1&lc=%23cccccc&dlttime=0&bg=%23333333&bc=&spc=&ims=1&tc=%23ffffff&ts=9&tfont=Arial,+Helvetica,+Sans-serif&rf=".$HTTP_SERVER_VARS.$HTTP_SERVER_VARS."&phpout=1");

First of all, since you are on geocities, it will not parse the php. Geocities only offers html pages.

The include is a url in the php script is: http://www.rssfeedreader.com/rss3/rss.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Frss.news.yahoo.com%2Frss%2Fvideogames&newpage=1&chead=&atl=&desc=&auth=&dts=1&width=250&max=10&tlen=33&rnd=1&bt=&bs=None&nmb=1&ntb=1&naf=1&nst=1&nwd=800&nht=600&dlen=85&lstyle=1&lc=%23cccccc&dlttime=0&bg=%23333333&bc=&spc=&ims=1&tc=%23ffffff&ts=9&tfont=Arial,+Helvetica,+Sans-serif&rf=".$HTTP_SERVER_VARS.$HTTP_SERVER_VARS."&phpout=1

This also seems to be php output, which is accessed over http. I have never thought of this, but I assume this is parsed as php by a php script that includes it. (even though it is retrieved over http. I would be concerned about security if I was running this on my own servers).

Anyways. What you want to do is stick to the javascript 'methods' of including rss in your content.

This really upsets me as it is so complicated...
If you cannot figure out from the site http://rssfeedreader.com/ how to add rss feeds to your geocities pages. Let me know.
I will whip up a php script that will enable this for you.

You can contact me here: http://www.fijiwebdesign.com/component/option,com_contact/task,view/contact_id,1/Itemid,48/
Or you can use pm.

I will make sure you just copy and paste a bit of code that will work on any page, html or anything else.

Thank you. I got it to work. All I did was copy and pasted the java script into a page, and made sure the code (as a .txt) was uploaded to the root folder of my site.

awesome... :)


The problem with rss feeds on a geocities website is that you have no control of the server. In other words, you need to have a hosting company have php installed and have the ability to edit php code and load that up to the server. In adition, you need to have several php add ons like curl, etc.

Try this hosting co. that I found:


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