just keep wondering, is it me or there isn't any prompt that says that i have successfully updated my profile?
i tend to click Update Member Profile button several times cause i've been waiting for the prompt or i wasn't sure enough that i have edited/saved it,
well i keep searching for that prompt til now but it's not there right?

if not, then wouldn't it be better if there was??

It doesn't exist. Maybe it should. Low on the list of things to do ........ sooooo much to do! So little time!!!!

chill .. for the record, the first time i updated my profile i thought my browser crashed lolx ..
with that i'll be looking forward to it :))

It's really that unintuitive?

not really, i just got use to seeing prompts whenever i do something on the internet, then it became a habit to anticipate such things..

It's really that unintuitive?

OP have a point ms dani, but given that daniweb is not something like FB or some other website, where changing the profile info is a proirity, it shouldn't be such a big problem. And yes, Low on list.

where changing the profile info is a proirity

I mean Constand updation.