hello all !
may God Bless you all , basically i like to work in .net , but due my boss's requirement i have to work on ExtJs , in the bigging it was very difficult for me to switch my self from .net to JS , but i am not working in it slow but smoothly , i search soooooo many sites , blogs , no one is able to help you in a real way in extjs , even the official forum of sencha , there is no one who can answer your prob. dani web is very good in this , you can get solutions almost of every programming language ,
there are so many people out there those are always looking for some good and fast forums where they can find solutions of there prob.
i just requesting on the behalf of all others that please add ExtJs to this site , so that people like me can able to improve there working.
in last sorry for my bad english .:)

Best Regards

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